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Not having to think wether the things you buy are good for you, your environment and for the people who made it.​ Everything, including your favourite brand, is sustainable and fairtrade. That's our dream!  And we dream by doing it. We like to show it's possible to create fun and fair fashion.


The people in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, have a long history of fighting for their freedom. A well known historic phrase in Friesland is: “Leaver dea as slaef“,    “I 'd rather be dead than  a slave”. Nowadays when you are in the green fields of Friesland, you can feel this freedom. It's an inspiration to look in to the world and wanting that freedom for everybody.​


We hope this proud Frisian flag inspires you too. So you dream along with us and rebel for a clean fashion industry by wearing our clothes. Anywhere in this world. It’s all thanks to the support from fans like you!

Look around on our lookbook and keep up to date with us. We like to introduce you to the people behind Friesblond on our Blog. Feel free to tell us what you think and inspire us by responding on our website or Social Media.

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Inspiration for design Friesland
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